Are you looking for inspiring looks to match your backpack? Today we’re walking the streets of the world’s trendiest cities to bring you ideas for your next outfit.

Backpacks have been a big hit in the fashion world for years. Not only are they comfortable and practical, but they look great!

Today we bring you different ideas of looks to look chic with your backpack on your shoulder.

How to combine your backpack to look fabulous

Betting on the color combination as a strategy

The total look, also known as monochrome look is when all the garments and accessories you are using are the same color. And when I say, I mean everything! Even the glasses.

It is one of the most recurrent strategies in the world of fashion and catwalks around the world and… never goes out of style. Why is it so successful? When you go from head to toe in the same colour you manage to elevate your outfit and achieve a sophisticated and modern look.

The two most used colors for this technique are black and white. It is much easier to combine all the elements of your outfit with these two neutral colors than, for example, with an orange that has a thousand and one chromatic varieties.

Finding an orange pant that is exactly the same as the one on your backpack, shirt, shoes… impossible, right? Luckily not everything is so black and white, in recent years has emerged the total look relax, would be a variant relaxed, as its name indicates the total look in its purest version.

This means that we choose a colour but we use it with gradients, that is to say, let’s suppose that we choose the light blue one, all the elements we use will be light blue but with different gradients, one lighter and others darker. It works quite well especially in light and pastel colors achieving a sophisticated and trendy look.

If you choose black you will achieve a sophisticated and powerful look.

Another way to combine the total look is by cutting it with the accessories. That is, if you are dressed in white, cut it with a black backpack for a minimalist look or with a powder pink or baby blue backpack for a more romantic look.

And finally you can use the color blocking technique. It’s very simple, choose two colors and combine your pieces to form color blocks. The most commonly used version is black and white, but even with the most unusual colors this combination can look great and make a stronger fashion statement.

Choose a sugarcane backpack that says it all

In the world of fashion, the best strategy is often to go all out. Choosing a “statement piece” is a very common way to do it. And making it an accessory is the smartest way. An eye-catching shirt or pants will probably not be worn as often as we thought because it will draw too much attention and give you the impression that you are always wearing the same clothes.

And this is one of the secrets best exploited by fashonists all over the world. Making the fashion statement with an accessory achieves the same impact but you can use it to your heart’s content that it won’t be redundant.

An eye-catching piece of fashion is not easy to choose and sometimes requires a small investment. Cheaper backpacks are usually more basic, but that’s not always the case. Visit our women’s backpacks article where you will find options to buy online.

Once you have your backpack, all that remains is to combine it with your look. The ideal is to go ashore if you are carrying a flashy backpack, after all you want it to be the star of the show and there is a very delicate balance between fashion forward and ortera.

In the example we see that the model wears a traditional khaki pant with a white shirt, a very simple and classic look that wins thanks to the mini backpack that takes all the attention, just like you!

Casual look with personality

The casual look always looks good, it is comfortable to wear and to combine, all you need is a design element to elevate your look. The perfect way to do this is to combine your casual, urban backpack with designer shoes.

So no matter how relaxed your look, you’ll be adding the chic touch needed to show that no matter how comfortable you are with a casual look, you know how to do it by looking chic and fashionable.

The minimalist and classic canvas backpacks from Eastpak and Herschel are perfect for this type of look and are one of those backpacks that will last you a lifetime. Both brands have a lifetime warranty on one, and a 30-year warranty on the other.

Combine your casual backpack with a blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and flashy glasses if you don’t have shoes that make a fashion statement. It doesn’t matter what you wear while in one.

Another tip to keep in mind is that it’s best to carry your backpack without it getting too full to achieve that relaxed, chic style. Let it hang over your shoulder like it just came out of the backpack spa.

This kind of combination works very well in both seasons. In the summer it looks great with a denim or more formal cotton short in khaki, gray or green, combined with a lightweight T-shirt or shirt. And in the winter it looks great with oversized clothes, like fluffy sweaters that add to that casual look of being at home.

It works great to combine formal and casual elements too, it’s the best way to achieve that casual chic look I love so much. Combine a pair of pinch pants with a T-shirt or a knit sweater like the image next to the menu with a more formal leather backpack. This is a sure winner look.