Many men like to keep their outfits simple, so wearing tennis shoes and comfortable pants is enough for the weekend. However, comfort doesn’t have to be at odds with trends and most men’s fashion sneakers are proof of that.

This type of footwear has become one of the most popular for combining with casual attire and for doing activities that require a bit of movement such as walking around the city or going to the park with your children.

Tennis shoes are part of the basics in a men’s wardrobe because they are a very versatile shoe that can be worn with almost any garment. Besides that, in the last decades, these shoes have caught the attention of the great fashion designers who have put a lot of effort in new designs to turn them into shoes full of style.

As a result, men’s fashionable tennis shoes have been created that have eliminated the belief that these shoes are only for sports and thanks to that, we can now see them in everyday life.

After wearing shoes to the office all week, on the weekend you probably want to give your feet a break. The same goes for clothes, because after thinking about what you are going to wear every day, the moment comes when you just want to grab the first thing in your closet without trying too hard.

We know that feeling, which is why in this edition of your Flexi Style Guide we are going to propose an outfit that you can wear on your days off and that you can combine with 3 men’s fashion sneakers to create your ideal outfit.

The outfit: You need something comfortable but at the same time look good, because generally, weekends are used to have social events, attend meetings with family or friends or go out for a walk. If you were to wear some pants with tennis shoes you might fall into looking a little bit shabby, so we recommend you to change them for some casual cotton pants in some color.

This type of garment is very comfortable for sitting or walking, but at the same time, it is stylish and trendy.

At the top you can wear a simple round neck short sleeve T-shirt. The balance of the outfit will be achieved with a third piece and with the accessories, this can be a denim jacket because it will add that touch of style and novelty.

Your shoes are part of the accessories, so we have chosen 3 models of men’s fashionable tennis shoes that you will find in the Flexi shoe catalogue and that will fit perfectly with this outfit.

Loose-fitting tennis shoes

One of the novelties shown by men’s fashionable tennis shoes is the evolution in laces, as many models have changed the typical ones for different applications to make them more practical.

One example is this model that has elastic laces that stretch to let your foot pass, so it will be more comfortable to put them on and take them off without making knots.

Fashionable sneakers for colorful men

Although white is super trendy, designs in multiple colors, from blue to chocolate, have also become part of the trend.

One example is this urban sneaker in a combination of chocolate and black that will match your T-shirt perfectly.

In addition, this model has an Extra Light sole to make your steps lighter.

Tennis shoes that combine the textures

Another aspect that has managed to stand out among men’s fashionable tennis shoes is the material they are made of, since now you can play with different textures in their design.

A very innovative example is the sneakers that you can find in the Flexi catalogue, which are made with a chamois finish and details in different materials that make them a super fashionable and stylish model for any occasion.

These tennis shoes, besides being perfect to wear with casual attire because they are very comfortable to walk in, are made without lining, which will provide more freshness to your feet while maintaining the softness and lightness thanks to the fact that, like the previous model, they are made with Extra Light Sole.

Now you know how you can combine your men’s fashionable sneakers with a casual outfit that you can use for your leisure activities. Tennis shoes will give you a modern and youthful touch, while maintaining the comfort and lightness you need to complement your outfit.